Photo scandal provides teachable moment

Yesterday’s Australian Football League nude photo scandal provides teachers with a “teachable moment” for their students.

We know that once a photo is taken, it can only take seconds for it to be uploaded and published to the internet and for the world to see. We must teach our students that:

  • If you are not happy to pose for a photo then DON’T.
  • If your photo was taken against your wishes, ask for it to be deleted and ask to check the camera that it has in fact been deleted (check trash as well).
  • Be aware that something done in jest may not seem so funny later on. Having it deleted from multiple sources is not as easy for individuals as it is for organisations like the AFL.
  • Any photo that you wouldn’t like your grandparents to see may be a photo that shouldn’t exist. Think twice before you pose for or take a photo that could be embarrassing to you or to others.
  • Remember that any photo can be published. Even if your Facebook settings are private, or your tweets are protected, your “friends” can pass it on.
  • Once a photo has been published, even if it is deleted later, others may have copied and kept it or republished it themselves.
  • Don’t publish or email photos of your friends without their permission.

The repercussions of a moment of silliness may last a lot longer and have ramifications that it is difficult to foresee.

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