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I’d been thinking about applying for the first Australian Google Teacher Academy, but family illness meant that I’ve left it to the very last minute (well, considering the time zone differences, the very last minute is in about 29 hours from now, so not last minute at all).

Part of the application required a one-minute video. Compared to some of the ADE and GTA videos I’ve seen made by friends and colleagues, this is rather lame. Oh well, at least I got it done.

It’s not the most brilliant effort, but I wanted to show that even a low tech video can have good ideas. The video has not been edited and of course, uses my friends Harry, Ron and Hermione to discuss motivation and learning.

7 thoughts on “Google Teacher Academy

  1. Hi Judith

    I love the way you have chosen Harry, Ron and Hermione to get your message across!

    Mind you, Hedwig would have been out of a job if Twitter was around!!

    Kim 🙂

  2. Hi Judith,
    Well done on creating a great video, your message related to the topic is clear.
    I, like you, decided late to apply. I uploaded to YouTube less than 9 hours before deadline.
    Here’s the link to mine – not crash hot, but at least it’s done.
    I used Jaycut to edit and audacity for the narration with CC images, plus a few of my own.
    Not sure how it relates to the topic though, but there are some parallels to “Motivation and Learning”.
    Good luck with your application.
    Glenda 🙂

  3. Hi Judith
    Good on you for making this video while dealing with other issues in your life. All the best with your application…you’ve done so much for teaching and learning. 🙂

  4. Hi Judith
    I really appreciated the post and especially the video. Such a great idea and so do-able! I’m hoping you won’t mind if I show it off a bit as an encouragement to colleagues to use the tools we already have to engage our students in more creative ways. The sentiments expressed by H, R, and H might strike a chord too!

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