Google Teacher Academy Sydney April 2011

Yesterday afternoon I discovered via email that my application for  #gtasyd was unsuccessful. After taking to Twitter to share my news, a few things quickly became evident. A lot of quality teachers missed out, a lot of quality teachers got in and a number of people obviously have Twitter blocked in their schools!

Last night, Henrietta wrote an excellent post on resilience, which explained how I was feeling much better than I could manage.

In November, my darling 8 year old niece, who excels at the track events in Little Athletics, participated in a ‘multi event’, which is like a pentathlon but with only five events. Scoring is determined by times in track events and distances or heights in field events. She won four out of five events, yet didn’t win the gold medal. She was initially disappointed, but quickly picked herself up and decided she wanted to practice discus and shot put, her only weaknesses, to try to improve.

Weeks of practice over the Christmas holidays were fun and challenging for her. Her excitement at doubling her discus distance in two months and getting a terrific shot put PB was a testament to what a Principal of mine used to say; “you never know when you’ve been done a favour”. So I’m going to take a leaf out of my niece’s book and look forward, try harder and enjoy what I’m doing. Because for her, winning is good, but having a go and having fun are always the best bits.

Congratulations to all who’ll be going to #gtasyd and thanks to the State Library of Victoria for promptly arranging and alternative day for those who missed out. And a big thank you to my Twitter colleagues who were quick to console and congratulate those who didn’t make it and those who were successful respectively.

*As an addendum, my gorgeous girl won every event at Little Athletics this week for the first time ever during non-championship competition. Another PB in shot put (yes!) and high jump. Well done darling. The practice has paid off!

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  1. Judith, there is no doubt that you and many other excellent educators should have been selected to join the Google Teacher Academy team in Sydney. I feel really bad about that – bad and confused. It’s a shame that such an opportunity, and one many people have been looking forward to, has resulted in a situation where you’re either in or not. Still, people’s reputations online and in person are testament to their talent, dedication and passion, and the #gtasyd results do not change this. I would have loved to have shared the experience with you and other good friends who deserve to go, but the best I can do is share my experiences and create participation for everyone that way. Great attitude, Judith, we can all learn from you, and you have always been amazing in what you do in your networks.

  2. Hi Judith

    A huge congratulations to yourself and all of the educators who took the time to apply for #gtasyd and seek an opportunity to further their skills and passion for learning and teaching.

    I’m sure your new library is going to lucky to be on the receiving end of your “bounce back” from disappointment!

    Kim 🙂

  3. Please don’t feel bad Tania, go and learn and enjoy. The only thing I feel bad about is not being able to share this learning opportunity with you. However, knowing what a generous person you are, you will come back and lead our networks to greater heights. Congratulations. You deserve it.

  4. There will always be winners and losers. What matters most is that we continue on with the exciting things that we are doing. Share where and how we can and keep innovating in education. Like you, looking forward to hearing what the academy is all about.
    Great to hear that SLV stepped in and has arranged an alternative day. Thanks for all you do for the vast network that is becoming ours.

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  6. Thank you Anne. You are such an inspiration and I know that you have provided an extremely positive influence on so many educators, here in Victoria and much further afield.

  7. I don’t mean it to sound corny Judith, but that well worn sentiment: “You just never know what’s around the corner” may well apply. So often the things we most want then and there in life don’t come off, but a little further along the track, another twist or turn crops up that takes us in a new, different and unexpected directions. I know that in your case, new directions will pop up and that you will grab at them with both hands. I look forward to being on the sidelines to watch you as you continue along life’s path.

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