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Teacher librarian extraordinaire Barb Braxton has developed a great idea for schools to help the people of Christchurch by holding a fundraiser. She explains:

It is now one week since the devastating earthquake that has shattered Christchurch and its people and there would be
few schools in Australia that do not have a student or a staff member with a Kiwi connection.

Psychologists say that the trauma can be intensified by a feeling of wanting to help but being unable to do so, so to help overcome this a group of Kiwi teacher librarians teaching in Australia are proposing


We are suggesting that on March 22, 2011 students be allowed to wear all black instead of their regular school uniform and pay a gold coin for the privilege.

If school regulations demand students remain in uniform, then an alternative could be to create a coin trail over the words ANZAC, Aotearoa, Christchurch, or Otautahi (Maori for Christchurch).

Any other form of fundraising would also be welcome. If you have ideas, please share them with us to share with everybody.

The money raised will then by donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal through whatever financial procedures schools have to follow to do this.

Amounts raised would then be reported to a state co-ordinator who will tally them so we can determine the total contribution of Australian schools and share this with participants. We are planning to establish a Facebook page so state and national totals are available and even photos of students participating can be posted.

We need you to

*         publicise this event as widely as possible, sending it to any
network you belong to

*         consider volunteering to be your state co-ordinator which will
just involve receiving emails from schools with their tallies and sending the total to a central co-ordinator.  We already have co-ordinators for NSW, Victoria and Queensland, but no doubt they would appreciate help.

*         spread the word about your school’s activities with any media connections you have

As I am the Victorian coordinator, you can contact me by sending an @ or DM me via Twitter: @judithway or email me at (replace ‘myname’ with judithway For details of other state coordinators, please leave a comment or DM me.

4 thoughts on “Help Christchurch

  1. Judith…thank you for helping to raise student awareness about this tragedy. Let’s hope that everyone contributes to the cause.
    My Aunt lives 20 km from Christchurch….she is fine but we still haven’t been able to have a long chat with her.

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