Schools All Black Day

Following on from the Help Christchurch post on March 1, some more resources and information are now available about the Schools All Black Fundraising Day. Barb Braxton says:

“Joy Wilkinson has taken the time to make a moving video for those whose schools are getting involved in All Black Day on March 22, the one-month anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.  She has invited us to use it.

Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 10.22.13 AM

It would make an excellent promotion on a loop through a screen in the library or the foyer where parents and students gather.

On behalf of the team and all Kiwis, thank you Joy.”

A reminder that the money raised will then by donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

Victorian schools kindly participating in the fundraising are asked to contact me by sending an @ or DM me via Twitter: @judithway or email me at (replace ‘myname’ with judithway. For details of other state coordinators, please leave a comment on this blog or DM me.

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