A love of reading, shared

A few days ago I bumped into a former student of mine. Now in her twenties and studying a Masters degree, we exchanged pleasantries for a short period when she turned the conversation to her excitement about attending the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 next week.

How cool that this studious and hard working young lady remembered upon seeing me not only my interest in the Harry Potter stories, but her attendance at one of the several Harry Potter parties that I staged during her time at one of my previous schools.

How lovely that we were able to share our love of reading then and now. How sweet that it didn’t matter how many years ago she graduated from that school, she still remembers my contribution to her love of stories.

Encounters like this remind us what an important job teacher librarians do and why we wanted to pursue this career path in the first place. Reading. What a nice thing to share.

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