On the seventh day I logged off

Late last week, John Larkin tweeted a link to an ABC (Australia) news item On the seventh day he logged off.

I’d been aware of my Continuous Partial Attention for a while, especially when watching tv with the family and using the iPad at the same time. Every night. But I decided I had to do something about it after I ‘attended’ an Elluminate session with one of my heroes, Howard Gardner.

While the session was on, I was emailing and tweeting and I know lots of people do this. But once the session had concluded, I couldn’t really tell you too much about what it was about or that I had learned anything. I was disgusted with myself. An opportunity to learn from one of education’s top pedagogists and I wasn’t paying attention!

So I logged off on Sunday. I read a novel. I went shopping. Twice. It was a great rest from being constantly switched on and it was refreshing. I’m hoping my disconnectivity will help me be more select when it comes to multi-tasking.

Does it count that I’m drinking a cup of tea while I’m writing this?

Oh, and let’s see how many Sundays in a row I can disconnect!

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