Library bus tour is a virtual reality

Following on from my blog post Library Visit! and a conversation on Twitter with Kim Yeomans, Marita Thompson, Carmel Galvin, Stacey Taylor, Hamish Curry, Tania Sheko and Hajnalka Malloy about an actual library bus tour, I had the idea of a virtual tour. Thanks to the contributions of some generous library folk, the virtual tour is a reality!

I used Historypin, (which is still in Beta and unable to be embedded as yet), which allowed me to add photos and comments to a map and turn it into a tour (of sorts). I have the option to add audio down the track. I can also add  more pictures school libraries as they are submitted. (Please note I’ve added more pictures as at 17 November, but although I’ve placed them in order in Historypin, they’re not showing in order… and now half of the photos I added yesterday are not showing, nor are the ones I uploaded this morning)

Please note that although it looks as though I’ve taken credit for the photos, if you click on the photos in the gallery and then click on ‘Copyright and photo info’, I’ve credited the person who sent me the photos as the copyright holder.

I’m still looking for more contributions and realistically, a project like this will never be finished, but I’m willing to spend the time it takes to share the fantastic spaces our students have to learn in. Congratulations to each and every one of you who has worked tirelessly to provide such spaces for our students.

12 thoughts on “Library bus tour is a virtual reality

  1. Hi Judith

    Wow! A fun discussion on Twitter about a Library Tour and you have made it a reality!! Thanks Judith!

    Isn’t it amazing how many wonderful and unique library spaces we have created around the country. Truly inspiring!

    Now, I just need to get some chocolate out to munch on while I enjoy the Library Tour…

    Kim 🙂

  2. Thanks Carmel for your kind comments and submitting photos. Some more pics have come in since, so it will be growing.

  3. Thank you for putting this together Judith. Wonderful to see such great uses of the available space and fantastic use of colour. Plenty of food for thought.

  4. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for putting it together. Would love more people to contribute as I’m feeling super inspired by these couple of schools.

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