The Third Gift by Linda Sue Park

The Third Gift is a delightful and stunning picture book written by Newbery Medallist Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.

It is a Christmas story; the story of how and why myrrh is collected. Told from the perspective of a young boy who learns from his father how to collect the best myrrh, some of their myrrh is eventually purchased by the Magi on their way to visit baby Jesus. The author’s note explains more about the uses and meanings of myrrh as well as further information about how the details of the Magi have changed over the years.

A beautifully illustrated book, this is a lovely story for Primary and Elementary schools and school-aged children.

An apology to UQP. I should have reviewed The Third Gift before Christmas as it is a Christmas book. This book was received for review (unsolicited) from UQP Publishers. It will be given to Kim Yeoman’s at St Martin of Tours, Rosanna for their school library after they were flooded on Christmas Day, 2011.

2 thoughts on “The Third Gift by Linda Sue Park

  1. Dear Judith

    Thank you so much for donating your copy of “The Third Gift” to our school library. We really appreciate your thoughtful gift!

    I haven’t seen this beautiful picture book yet and am looking forward to both reading it and adding it to our Christmas book collection. We already have Linda Sue Park’s book “A Long Walk to Water” which is truly inspiring!

    Thank you for being one of our “Library Angels”, Judith

    Kim 🙂

  2. Thanks Kim. Happy to help where I can. Yes I too loved A Long Walk to Water. Linda Sue Park is one amazing author.

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