TL teachmeet up eat up.

After a conversation on Twitter, initially with Kim Yeomans and Michael Jongen, then with Tania Sheko and Carmel Galvin, the idea came for a teachmeet for teacher librarians. With food.

What a nice way to catch up with each other and share what we’ve been doing by having a cuppa and a spot of afternoon tea.

Kim suggested that rather than seeking a commercial venue, schools host the TL teachmeet up eat up and participants bring a plate. This would keep the professional learning opportunity free as well as having the bonus of a library visit. It would also mean access to a data projector and Internet so we could share.

 I’m looking for volunteers to host the first TL teachmeet up eat up, preferably to be held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I’ve made a google doc where you can add your details, as well as what you’ll present on and the dish you’ll bring.

Please join us!

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