Screencasting and scribing with students

Since I’ve been at my current school, one of my tasks is running professional learning sessions for teachers. I set up a wiki to keep a record of pretty much everything I’d done in this area for teachers to refer to if and when they needed/wanted to.

One of the things I used to help staff learn were screencasts, some made by me, some sourced from YouTube. I made quite a few last year and a few more this year. As the school decided to use OneNote across the college for staff, I created screencasts for how-tos. They’d made a bit of an impact as, upon receiving notification of said screencasts, one of the APs came straight over to tell me what a great way to learn the screencasts were.

Of course, Alan November often speaks about the power of students using screencasting for both learning and teaching.

So it was with great pleasure that one of the teachers approached me today to help her students learn to screencast. The plan is for one student a week to screencast that session’s learning and for one student to record the session’s learning via Google Docs. Great for revision, students who are absent and students who need extra time to learn.

I decided to show Screenr as there was no need to download anything (as there is with Jing) and it was terrific to see the students all creating practice screencasts almost immediately. I’ll report back down the track when we see the impact this type of learning and teaching has had on the students.

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