Sorry blog

Dear blog,

Please forgive me. I’ve neglected you. I’ve been spending lots of time curating three new topics on; My dream school, eBooks and libraries and Teach meets, in addition to my other topics Pottermore and Are you game.

I’ve been sidetracked by lots of items that came up at the #plnlead day lead by Will Richardson at the State Library of Victoria on 20 July. Some of the notes from the day can be accessed here:

Some of these items include writing part of an article on the #vicpln program and hashtag for the Australian College of Educators and collaborating with other teachers in forming the #plnaction group and writing a response to the DEECD New Directions paper for school leadership and the teaching profession.

And I’ve been busy preparing and presenting my session on Creative literacies and QR codes for the AToM conference held on Saturday 11 August at the State Library of Victoria. I’ve been unfaithful as I used a posterous blog for this material.

Is there any way you’ll forgive me? I know it’s all my fault and I’d hate to break up as we’ve been together for a while now and I think we understand each other. Let me know what you think. I know I ate your chocolates too, but you hadn’t touched them.

Love, me xx

10 thoughts on “Sorry blog

  1. Dear Judith,
    It is interesting to think that you feel the need to apologise. From my perspective, you are just spreading your networking amongst my other friends. We all have our place, and understand that sometimes your attention will wander. We understand that face to face networking is important too!
    I have no doubt that you will wander back my way, when you have the time to reflect and share in this way again. In the meantime, you are doing great things and I would never want to squash any of your enthusiasm.
    Keep up the great work,
    Your blog

  2. Thank you so much blog! I am not worthy of your affection, but I promise I’ll try harder not to be distracted by flashy new friends quite so much.

  3. Hi Judith, I find that my poor blog gets neglected at times too. I have so many ideas for blog posts, so many things that have exciting happenings to write about but just as in your case, so many other needs and events prevent me from completing those posts. However, we do get back to what we love most and add to it when we can! Great to see you back in action on your blog.

  4. Haha, I feel the same way about my blog, but at the same time am comforted that I’m moving on into different directions. I enjoyed reading the summary of all the good things you do.

  5. Thanks Tania. Maybe a monthly digest of the highlights is a more efficient way to go for this writer and readers as well?

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