Melbourne High School library visit

Readers of this blog will know how much I love to visit other libraries. I love seeing the physical spaces and how the library is organised and used.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Tania Sheko at Melbourne High School. Thanks to Tania and her team for generously sharing their time and morning tea!

The library is a vibrant place with the students variously using technologies to create, sitting quietly and reading, doing school work, interacting with each other and researching. The different areas provide separate spaces for all of these activities to occur independently and the displays are vibrant and stimulating.

Student RFID self checkout



Display upon entering the library


Art inspiration





Simon Pegg quote

It’s wonderful to have time to talk with colleagues; something that doesn’t happen very often. However I often find that this is where good ideas and collaboration springs from.

Thanks again to Tania and her terrific team at Melbourne High School.

3 thoughts on “Melbourne High School library visit

  1. Hi Judith

    There’s nothing like a library visit with colleagues to re-energise you!

    I’m off to visit my colleague at the primary school down the road on Friday where they are moving into their new library shortly! I’m looking forward to our professional sharing and especially checking out the new library!

    Well done to Tania and her team – I’d love to visit Melbourne High School library one day too…

    Kim 🙂

  2. We loved having you! Thank you so much for the gracious write-up, Judith. You’re absolutely right – colleague chat and face-to-face meetings are so energizing. Please come again soon.

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