Wheelers eBooks @Kewhslibrary

So we’ve finally managed to get our eBooks up and running at Kew High School. Thanks to our ICT guys and the Wheelers’ crew, our students can log in using their school credentials. We’re only starting small at the moment, with a big push beginning in term 1.

I’ve made this video, along with our AV Coordinator Huu Tran, to show students how they can download eBooks from our collection using their mobile device.

3 thoughts on “Wheelers eBooks @Kewhslibrary

  1. Fantastic, Judith. We have also started small with Wheelers, hoping that the collection will grow gradually. I really feel we need to think about how to promote the ebooks. So far we’ve spoken to English classes and posted around the library. I’m thinking about doing something to really raise awareness and develop interest. Not sure what yet.
    Love your video tutorial.

  2. Hi Judith,
    I really like your Wheelers youtube video. We use Wheelers at my school too, and you’ve inspired me to try to create something similar for our staff and students. Great work!
    Deborah Brown
    Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, Sydney

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