Learning and sharing

These days, I find that pretty much everything I learn has been shared by others. I try to share back through having the resources I develop for school open and public. Of course, many of the links on my school wikis (professional learning and online resources for students) are links to items that other people have shared. What goes around, comes around.

So it was really heartening to read the tweet from The Age reporter Jewel Topsfield that stated:

Here is the link for the wiki page Jewel used as a  source. Aitken Creek Primary School teacher Bec Spink agreed to my request to feature her use of Twitter in the classroom on the wiki page to share with teachers at my school. Jewel saw our correspondence via Twitter and voila, a story on Bec and her use of Twitter that was published nationally.

Congratulations to Bec on the recognition her trailblazing deserves. Read her post about the article here. Thanks too to Jewel for highlighting the great work teachers are doing. Got to love sharing.