From little things big things grow?

Today we had the Google Teacher Academy (Sydney) debrief at Mill Park library. About 20 passionate, clever and creative educators took time out from their busy lives to come together to share and to learn, initially about the GTASYD experience. Tania Sheko, Jess McCulloch, Tony Richards, John Thomas and Andrew Williamson presented tools and ideas informally and then we progressed into open discussions unconference style. (Thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend, connect, share and learn.)

What struck me before we wound up was that perhaps we should not only meet up face to face more often, but that we should develop our own professional learning group.

It would be:

  • informal
  • free
  • welcome anyone interested
  • supportive
  • cooperative
  • collaborative
  • free of office bearers
  • the group who sets the agenda, if there’s one at all
  • a place where we learn what we want to

People who want to present are more than welcome. People who just want to come along are welcome too. We can all learn from each other and share ideas without feeling the pressure of ‘presenting’ at a conference.

So, who’s up for it?