Magic happens…

Through a nice piece of serendipity, I was able to meet up with the amazing Ian Chia (@ianchia) and the always supportive, always planning, always thinking Hamish Curry (@hamishcurry). These doyens on my PLN were able to visit me at school last week and have a bit of a look around at the physical and virtual spaces we’re working on.

Ian has some incredible projects on the go such as Being Prudence (and he’s an incredible sharer of information, always pointing me – and others – towards items we might find interesting, useful, relevant and stimulating) and there’s an opportunity for my school to work with Ian next year. Our students could work on developing apps for their Q9 program – it would be a perfect fit and the students would certainly find app creation challenging and engaging.

Ian and Hamish hadn’t managed to meet previously, although I know they had been communicating, learning and sharing together for some time. It was exciting to be able to be a catalyst for their meeting and I’m looking forward to my school seeing the power of what Ian has to offer our students.

Meeting the two of them together proved that magic does happen.