From little things big things grow?

Today we had the Google Teacher Academy (Sydney) debrief at Mill Park library. About 20 passionate, clever and creative educators took time out from their busy lives to come together to share and to learn, initially about the GTASYD experience. Tania Sheko, Jess McCulloch, Tony Richards, John Thomas and Andrew Williamson presented tools and ideas informally and then we progressed into open discussions unconference style. (Thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend, connect, share and learn.)

What struck me before we wound up was that perhaps we should not only meet up face to face more often, but that we should develop our own professional learning group.

It would be:

  • informal
  • free
  • welcome anyone interested
  • supportive
  • cooperative
  • collaborative
  • free of office bearers
  • the group who sets the agenda, if there’s one at all
  • a place where we learn what we want to

People who want to present are more than welcome. People who just want to come along are welcome too. We can all learn from each other and share ideas without feeling the pressure of ‘presenting’ at a conference.

So, who’s up for it?

GTA debrief with Tania Sheko, Glenda Morris, Jess McCulloch and Tony Richards

As two of our local teacher librarians were successful in their applications to attend the recent Google Teacher Academy in Sydney, it seemed opportune to organise a meetup to occur and for Tania, Glenda, Jess and Tony (and anyone else who attended the GTA who’d like to attend) to pass on some pearls of wisdom to an adoring crowd!

The details are:

What: GTA debrief

Where: Mill Park Library. 394 Plenty Road, Mill Park

When: Saturday 14 May 2-4.30pm

Who: Tania Sheko, Glenda Morris, Jess McCulloch and Tony Richards

Cost: Free


There will be tea and coffee available. Please note that we only have room for 30 people, so the first 30 to register are in luck. If you miss out, please add your name to the “waiting list” section of the Google Doc.

Please add your name to this Google Doc. If you are a Google Certified Teacher and would also like to present, add these details to the Google Doc.

Google Teacher Academy

I’d been thinking about applying for the first Australian Google Teacher Academy, but family illness meant that I’ve left it to the very last minute (well, considering the time zone differences, the very last minute is in about 29 hours from now, so not last minute at all).

Part of the application required a one-minute video. Compared to some of the ADE and GTA videos I’ve seen made by friends and colleagues, this is rather lame. Oh well, at least I got it done.

It’s not the most brilliant effort, but I wanted to show that even a low tech video can have good ideas. The video has not been edited and of course, uses my friends Harry, Ron and Hermione to discuss motivation and learning.