QR codes for orienteering

Some time last year, I showed Phys Ed teacher Andrew Thickins’ year 11 Outdoor Ed class how to make their own QR codes. The students had developed online surveys and posters to advertise said surveys. I suggested adding QR codes to them, which a fair number of the class did.

 Andrew also follows the innovative way technology can enhance Phys Ed learning and teaching as shown by Jared Robinson on his The PE Geek blog. It was here that Andrew read about using QR codes for orienteering.

So late last year Andrew and colleague Tom Williams began developing an orienteering unit for year 9 using QR codes. They are happy to share the documents they developed here:

Before the activity began, students who had smart phones were asked to come to the front of the class. Then teams were allocated so that each team had at least one person with a smart phone.
Some of the lessons were conducted on foot and some on bikes. The students really enjoyed the interactivity of the unit as some of the QR codes linked to videos and websites to give clues.

It was certainly an engaging unit and a big thanks to Andrew and Tom for developing something really engaging and also willingly sharing it here.