Finally… some news

There hasn’t been a post here for a while for a couple of reasons. Lots of things happening that I wanted to blog about but family illness has had my mind elsewhere for a while now.

But I can’t hold on any longer. I have to gush about the wonderful day SLAV put on at the MCG with the amazing Joyce Valenza.  All of her presentations and tools she mentioned are here and check out the #slavconf11 stream for lots more links and ideas.

It was also an incredible day as I finally got to meet some of the lovely people who I mentored during the VicPLN program in 2010. Awesome meeting the lovely Bev Novak at long last!

I also attended one and presented one #rscon3 session. What an honour to hear how Kelly Tenkely started her own school thanks to a blog post and a tweet! Thanks too, to the people who took the time to attend my session. You can access session recordings here and read how people have reflected on the symposium here.

I also was the lucky recipient of a magical quill. That’s right, on the first day of the Pottermore promotion, I snatched a quill and will be granted early access to the site. Pottermore will have interesting implications in teaching and learning due to the way it’s going to be using transliteracies, so as well as being a Potterhead, I’ll have an educational reason to spend some time there.

I’m also really pleased that my wonderful Principal (who sets great examples like helping tidy up the yard and remembering to ask after sick relatives – although I’m only part-time) has agreed to my idea of having a school cybersafety blog. We’ll have one post per school day and hopefully the information we share might help guide parents.

Last week I ran the first session for a small but enthusiastic group of colleagues on our semester long online learning program. Great to see a few of the teachers already have Twitter accounts!