On the seventh day I logged off

Late last week, John Larkin tweeted a link to an ABC (Australia) news item On the seventh day he logged off.

I’d been aware of my Continuous Partial Attention for a while, especially when watching tv with the family and using the iPad at the same time. Every night. But I decided I had to do something about it after I ‘attended’ an Elluminate session with one of my heroes, Howard Gardner.

While the session was on, I was emailing and tweeting and I know lots of people do this. But once the session had concluded, I couldn’t really tell you too much about what it was about or that I had learned anything. I was disgusted with myself. An opportunity to learn from one of education’s top pedagogists and I wasn’t paying attention!

So I logged off on Sunday. I read a novel. I went shopping. Twice. It was a great rest from being constantly switched on and it was refreshing. I’m hoping my disconnectivity will help me be more select when it comes to multi-tasking.

Does it count that I’m drinking a cup of tea while I’m writing this?

Oh, and let’s see how many Sundays in a row I can disconnect!

Cool tools for the connected classroom

Australian award winning teacher and all round edtech guru Anne Mirtschin has written a must have guide for teachers: Cool tools for the connected classroom.

Anne guides teachers and students from how and why these tools are used, suggesting activities right through to a number of assessments. Cybersafety and good digital citizenship are often referred to with some excellent guidelines for students to consider and discuss.

With lots of suggestions for tools for:
there is excellent support for using these tools for learning and teaching and how teahcers might go about introducing them to students.

Anne Mirtschin is an experienced and passionate educator who knows her stuff. Cool tools for the connected classroom is an ideal companion for those wanting to push the virtual boundaries in their classroom and school and is equally useful for those new to social media and those who have more experience and confidence. Written in an engaging and accessible style, lesson plans, activity sheets and exemplars will assist teachers in successfully implementing social media in their classrooms. An attractive and thoughtful layout adds to the accessibility of the resource.

It’s nice to see an Australian author and an Australian publisher produce a guide that is relevant to teachers globally.

Cool tools for the connected classroom by Anne Mirtschin is priced at $38.95 and the ISBN No. is 978 1 74200 498 3 and is available from Education Serviced Australia, PO Box 177, Carlton South, 3053. Ph: 61 3 9207 9600. Email: sales@esa.edu.au  Website: www.curriculumpress.edu.au