Social networks to build knowledge, collegiality and community

My presentation for the SLAV Activate: Learning with Emerging Technologies on Monday 17 October 2011 is below.

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One person can make a difference

Sad news today about the passing of Steve Jobs. If you ever doubt that one person, that you, can make a difference, Steve Jobs should be the evidence to show that one person can make a big difference.

For me, he changed my education. I learned to program at high school using a state of the art Apple IIe in 1984. By the time I got to Melbourne Uni, a lab full of lovely (expensive) new Macs made my essay writing easier, more fun and nicely presented. Fast forward to today. Apple products have changed the way many of us communicate and work, share and socialise.

Steve Jobs’ death has made me think about people in my life who really make a difference. There have been a few, but the one that really strikes a chord with me is the brilliant and lovely Kelly Tenkely. If you don’t already know, she’s an educator with boundless creativity, vision, talent, energy and determination. But best of all, for me at least, she’s humble, approachable and just plain nice. I’ve asked her many favours and lots of questions and I haven’t been scared to. Some other geniuses I know feel, to me, unapproachable. Kelly’s isn’t. She’s never too busy to help her PLN, even in the middle of starting her own school, Anastasis Academy.

How amazing is that? How many people do you know who’ve started their own school? I know one. The brilliant and inspiring Kelly Tenkely.

ASLA XXII conference presentation: Developing a Personal Learning Network for fast & free professional learning

Having designed the Victorian PLN program for the School Library Association of Victoria and the State Library of Victoria in 2010, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the tools that will help library staff engage in fast and free professional learning.

My presentation took place on Tuesday 4 October. The presentation is below and the links for the session below that. I hope it helps!