Library 2.011 – Pottermore and school libraries: multiliteracies at work

I am very pleased and proud to present “Pottermore and school libraries: multiliteracies at work” at the Library 2.011 conference this time tomorrow (7pm AEST).

I’ll be looking at J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore website and how the multi- and transliteracies work hand-in-hand.

The link to my session is here. Kind thanks to Steve Hargadon and the volunteers organisers of this incredible online conference.

The recording link is here. I would have loved to have been able to embed my presentation here, but permission from Pottermore has not yet arrived (they were kind enough to give me permission for the images on my wiki). Rest assured, as soon as permission arrives (I’m sure they’re kind of busy at the moment), I’ll put the presentation up.

A big thanks to my moderator Mardi, for whom my presentation occurred in the middle of the night and to Steve Hargadon, a giant among educators.