Further to my post earlier this year about an afternoon tea for teacher librarians in Melbourne, Michael Jongen from Preshil has generously offered his school library as the venue for us to meet. Details are:

(library is between the cottage and the big house)

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Please register below so we know how many people to expect.

TL teachmeet up eat up.

After a conversation on Twitter, initially with Kim Yeomans and Michael Jongen, then with Tania Sheko and Carmel Galvin, the idea came for a teachmeet for teacher librarians. With food.

What a nice way to catch up with each other and share what we’ve been doing by having a cuppa and a spot of afternoon tea.

Kim suggested that rather than seeking a commercial venue, schools host the TL teachmeet up eat up and participants bring a plate. This would keep the professional learning opportunity free as well as having the bonus of a library visit. It would also mean access to a data projector and Internet so we could share.

 I’m looking for volunteers to host the first TL teachmeet up eat up, preferably to be held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I’ve made a google doc where you can add your details, as well as what you’ll present on and the dish you’ll bring.

Please join us!


Last week the fabulous Hamish Curry at the State Library of Victoria organised a screening of Tiffany Shlain‘s excellent documentary Connected.

Before the screening, there was an opportunity for a brief “teacher meet” or show and tell session. I didn’t expect Stephen Heppell to be there, so I was extra nervous when he arrived in time for my Virtual Library Tour. It was serendipitous though, that Stephen is interested in learning spaces and I received some nice feedback from him:


His feedback was generous and demonstrated for me, how a few words can encourage so much.

Although at the moment there is no commercial distribution for Australia, if you get a chance to see Connected, you must do so. It is difficult to summarise the film as every thing is ‘connected’ to everything, but this trailer may give you an idea…